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Join our Dreaming with Bees community to explore the cosmic connections bridged within the worlds of the Dreamtime. Witness the mysterious ways Divine Source speaks to us every day through the language of our dreams and our nature allies. ​


Our community holds sacred space for those seeking guidance from their ancestors as well as creating pathways of access to the wisdom held deep within the landscape of collective  consciousness.  


Our community is open to all who  have a love for nature and a desire to help heal themselves and the collective. As above, so below. So bee it so.

Book Launch Invite

Coming Soon - Dreaming with Bees Book Launch

Join us for the launch of our new collaborative book project.


Dreaming with Bees: Sacred Medicine From Beyond the Veil of Grief will be released on World Bee Day, May 20th. 

Twenty-four bee sisters share the intimate details of how they navigated through heartbreak and loss, weaving a collection of sacred truths and revealing the  healing power of love and storytelling.


RSVP to join our launch team and help us get our sacred stories out into the world.


"The journey through grief is unique to each individual, but healing is possible. The stories shared in Dreaming with Bees remind us of the resilience of the human spirit."

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